Early Exit

I hope things would go well for everyone. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to handle it if there’s something bad to happen right now. I’m too worn out.

I just feel like I couldn’t tell stuff to anyone because when you started telling people, that’s when things become true. I don’t want it to be my reality. Life is complicated as it is for everyone. Also, I’m never fond of making people my sponge.

I just imagine myself floating. Things maybe a little fuzzy but it’s the good kind of fuzzy. It’s more smokey looking than foggy. I hope it’d be that way. I don’t want it to be forever-my-love-ish. It’s horrible to go inside a dark tunnel alone, like they actually made passages for everyone. If I were in Magic Temple, I’d probably come with Rexor. I never liked Jubal anyway. I don’t know. I’m afraid to know what lies behind the darkness. In the end we’ll all have our little own chaos inside our hearts to deal with. It may be slightly different to everyone, but it’s still chaos.

I always know that this will come, but I guess we can never be prepared for anything. There’s no such thing as damage control on some things. You can never be prepared for something unless you’re actually there, experiencing it. You can never know when, how or where. The only heads up that you have is that someday we’re all gonna die.



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