Life Line

I don’t know where it all started. There’s a secret part of YouTube that just gets me. I just like listening to random songs from the recommendation panel and I’d always discover one that just strikes through me.

Today I learned about Blonde Tongues’ Hey Good Looking.

All I see is white and red,
That fades to pink and turns to blue,
I think that it’s what you want to do,
Hey good looking,
I’m starting to move on,
Hey good looking,
Maybe that’s where you belong,

I’m looking forward to another bomb,
Something to run from,
To keep my early mornings cold,
Keep me from getting old,
Hey good looking,
Everything I need is right in front of me,
Hey good looking,
You were nowhere to be seen,

If I was perfect I’d change the world,
And make it fit for you,
We’d drown in pools of pretty pearls,
All my pretty pens would write pretty words,
The softest touch and our pain would blur,
If I knew anything about this world

Beautiful, right? I’ve been listening to this song for hours. I was working. I went home. I played some game and I was planning to write something for my daily prompt (that I haven’t been updating lately.) I came up with Life Line.

As I was and still listening to this song, I thought about how beautiful some songs are. I remember how some songs saved me. I remember how some songs almost killed me. I say some songs are so beautiful. Sometimes I didn’t even wanna know the lyrics because the music itself speaks to me. I sometimes wish that I am the first person to say that it’s magic; it’s poetry. It speaks for you when you don’t have words for yourself or sometimes they just have their way that seemed to understand. It makes you feel feelings you never thought you have. It’s basically love in the air.

It makes me happy, it makes me sad. Sometimes I hope someone would do something so beautiful for me, most times I hope I could write something as beautiful for someone, because it’s beautiful and it’s love. I want the world to know how music saved me, how its poetry made life worth living. I hope I can make something like that, too. I wanted to be there for someone I don’t know like how the ones who wrote these masterpieces have been there for me.


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