I’ve been staring blankly at my WordPress screen for hours now. I wanted to write something before 2016 ends but here I am, it’s 2:13am of the 1st of January 2017 and I’m just starting to come up with something. I was so wordless so I’ve decided to check my Tumblr entry exactly a year from now and here’s what I read.

A lot of things happened in 2016. Mostly they’re bad, but I wouldn’t say that I didn’t love some parts of it. How do I put this to words? I feel like a completely different person, but I recognize the person who wrote that. I knew her, but I don’t think I’m meeting her again anytime soon. I don’t know what the future holds but 2017 is full of possibilities as much as I felt that 2016 is a clean state. It’s like there are two eggs in a basket that look completely the same but the one is of a chicken and the other one is a dinosaur egg or something.

Maybe the difference of 2017 is mostly the actuality of how I wanted to retain most of the things that I already have. I love the people. I love where I am. (Except the weight, I really need to lose the weight.) I ended 2016 beautifully compared to how I started it. I could be happier but I’m doing pretty well. My heart is filled with so much happiness and I have what I need. I mean, that should do it, right?

I still listen to Mairi Campbell and David Francis’ version of Auld Lang Syne this year but it didn’t make me sad. I am happy.

I know things aren’t all gonna go my way but I am certain I have what I need to face them. I will try for some things to stay the same and some to change. All the best luck for everyone. Happy New Year!


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