Master of Tricks

I knew I love you because when I think of you I always see you inside my head with backgrounds of these beautiful indie songs playing. It’s as if moments with you were extracted straight from romcom films. My thoughts of you are pure and I don’t always come up with good things, but when it’s about you it’s beautiful. I often wonder about what do you think when you’re alone. Are you different when it’s just you? Do you even know you’re capable to have this kind of effect to someone?

I looked for today’s prompt and I chose “Tricky” because it made me think of you. If there were a word that will explain how exactly loving you works then that would be it. When it’s about you love is always tricky.

I used to think of ways to get out of it but it’s so complex that I just knew there’s no way around it anymore, so I learned that I should stop dodging. To dodge is tiring and loving you is tiring too except dodging isn’t really fun. Your tricks are a huge part of me now. It’s like when you’re addicted to something. It’s like how you know you don’t need to smoke but your body is so familiar with it, it feels like it’s so important as if it’s a reason why your body still functions. It’s so addictive that it just became a part of your whole being. And just like addiction you always think you can walk away from it when you wanted to but you never really did. You can never get enough of it.

So basically I’m just saying that loving you was tricky. I can never hold grasp of it. I’m saying that loving you feels a lot like being in Lotus Hotel and Casino from Percy Jackson and letting it consume me. I don’t care if the time passes so much, I just don’t wanna leave.

An entry for my daily prompt: Tricky


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