I’m 22

Well, an unfortunate thing happened, but I still had loads of fun. I woke up feeling a little lightheaded on the day of my birthday. My cough and colds came back instantly and I’ve been whining about a terrible headache the whole day. That night, the girls with Gosu came over to celebrate my birthday dinner.

I wish it’s my birthday everyday. There are just a lot of food and my friends are unreasonably nice. Haha.

My temperature raised on the night of my birthday. I was feeling really weak but I still had a lot of fun. Someone gave me some medicine because I couldn’t be sick since we’re going to Pandan Island the next day.

I woke up feeling a lot worse the next day but I managed to drag myself out of bed and took a bath. My vision was all fuzzy and I can barely stand straight. It’s like having a really bad hangover. Just my luck because I am never that sick most of the time, but since life likes to throw jokes on me, I was sick the day of my birthday and when we have actually somewhere to go.

I messed up the things that I had to bring. I thought, fuck it, it’s my birthday. Haha. We originally planned to leave 9am, I arrived at Kat’s 9 that morning and I went straight to her bed to continue my sleep. Haha. I think Trish and Aaeeshia came after, I don’t exactly remember much except the kickings. Haha.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Amidst of the pain and suffering, bioflus and cool fevers, they surprised me with these. Oh my god. I have the best girls ever. This is so worth it.

We pushed through by 12pm. Buying shit we should bring. Originally we planned to bring some beer. Even my period miraculously stopped so I can enjoy, but I was so sick I wasn’t able to actually swim. It’s my ultimate wish. I always wanted to enjoy the ocean with the girls. For some reason, it never happens. I was just there. Like literally there. I wasn’t really much able to actually do shit. It looked like it’s Cam’s birthday. Haha. Still, I consider it as one of the chillest birthdays ever.

Here’s a video dump to make up with my stupid flu, a new year and good friends.

I love you, friends.


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