Rainy Sapak

It’s Friday night. Internet is useless as always. It’s been raining non-stop for the past few days. I won’t say that I like this weather best, but I can’t say that I do not love this either. You can wear your comfty hoodies and pairs of thick socks for days, I mean, what could go wrong?

This is my actual life peg. I am not so happy, I’m not sad either, but it’s not awfully hot and I am not sweating; I think that’s the best thing about this. We can never hope for the exact ~fab~ stuff, but we can strive for comfort, and that’s what I’m aiming to retain. I honestly just want to wear socks at all times.

I’m currently on my way of proving that wine drunk is real and I suddenly thought if I’d do the same with my life if I had the chance to do things differently.

I’m not sure.

But I think you’ll have so much say about this.

I thought I’d still wanted people to want me before deciding and that’s when I knew that I should start living my life for myself.

Or maybe I’m not sure because I’m actually giving in to the life that I chose for myself. Maybe I’m actually happy and because I’m such an asshole all the time, I can’t accept the fact that I’m living this wonderful life just because I know that don’t deserve it.

My friends would say that it’s a sham. How can my head be a nest of bullshit? Why can’t I live a life not bothering about things that could be hopping peacefully around?

Maybe I’m a little wine drunk. I just want to wear this cute pair of socks forever.


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