CHEATS’ Album Launch and How I Wasn’t Physically There: S01E02

Of Cheats’ Accidents that promises something when it plays wildly every morning when my alarm goes on, to Sleepist that understands me while working when I’d just rather not, here comes Cheats album relaunch in Saguijo last night!

I’m still using my Tumblr blog when I wrote about my frustrations about not being able to attend Cheats’ first album launch months ago (here), but then my very good friends went to the thing all for the love of booze and me. Hehe. The same feeling went back when they announced a relaunch a few weeks ago and I’m still so frustrated that with my sister’s baby coming home and well, work, I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna miss it again!


I knew it isn’t gonna be easy but I did what I do best– I bribed my friends. Hahaha. It’s easy with Ram. He came with some of my friends the first time and since then he can’t shut up about Cheats! He’s like the number 2 fan because I’m claiming I’m number 1. Haha. I remember him being all over #Y and how pumped he was when he heard Accidents in the end! He made everyone watch it! Ram was easy but he said he’s not gonna come alone because he’s just forever shy so I needed to bribe my another friend Cam with booze and 15 years of slavery. So I’m actually someone’s slave now and she said that it isn’t gonna be the new-age kinda slave but Game of Thrones kind of slave. Haha. Pero since it comes with a relaunched album and a shirt, puta, who cares? It’s so worth it. Haha.

So Cam obviously said yes. Tep’s on the left then Cam, Ayang and that’s Ram wearing the black Cheats shirt.

Cheats’ awesomeness is given. They said the others were awesome too. I called Ram this morning and he’s so into the band’s energy. As to him: “Ang wild!” He used to deny that he’s a fan but he admitted that he’s loving them! Haha. Cam though, my friend Cam, who sacrificed a night of review for her board exam this May and have decided to come tonight instead. She didn’t know a thing about Cheats except that we talk about it a lot and she didn’t know anyone but Saab. Haha. We forgot to brief her and I’m still thankful that she actually came for me but I still laughed really hard when she said that it’s the most embarrassing night of her life. Hahaha. Her failure was so epic, I loved her so much more now. She felt so sorry and sobrang hiya. She said it’s that kind of moment that no matter how many years would pass, she’d definitely still feel as embarrassed, like it just happened.

Together with Ram they asked some of the band members to sign my copy. Thanks a lot Jim, Saab and Candy!

Cam said that we should never speak of that really embarrassing part of that night. Hahaha. It’s so embarrassing that I felt so embarrassed even wayyy I’m across the sea! Haha. If anyone of the band members came to read this, we’re deeply sorry guys. She vowed to learn more about you, of course out of your awesomeness than of her Putang-ina-nakakahiya moment.

So they called me when the band started playing and it’s one of the moments I’ll never forget. I’m not there but I feel like I am. I am lying on my bed but I’m singing along with the band and the crowd and it’s just so weird but still it feels so awesome.

I promise that I should never miss another event like this. Huhu. I’m missing so much. I swore to this day na pagbalik ko sa May maghahunt talaga ako ng gigs nila.

Cheats, you guys are awesome! And I hope to see you play soon! You’re the best!

To my friends, thank you for always tolerating me. Thank you for liking things that I like. Haha. Jim’s right. You are the most wonderful friends ever! Couldn’t ask for more. I love you!


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