Of Breakups, Finding its and Getting Back Togethers


I was thinking how to live a happy life. Like did anyone ever had a day that they can say is the happiest ever, a day that they can say that there’s nothing that worries them anymore? I thought if there’s not, then why do we say things like ‘best day ever’ and/or ‘I hope we stay like this forever’? If there’s a day like that then it keeps me wondering if there will ever be a day like that for me? I’m usually pretty fine but was I ever that happy? How do you know if you’re really happy or you just think you are?

First quarter of this year is full of breakups, finding new loves and getting back togethers. I’m out of the spectrum but I’m the one who sees them. I see friends crying. I see relationships break. I see friends getting back to those who once they thought they’re completely over with. I see people loving a completely different person when they once thought they can never get through a day not loving that one person that they said they’re gonna love forever. I see friends decide to shut things down completely. How can we still love the ones we chose to push away before? How can we leave the ones we said we’re gonna marry? How can people continue living with bad decisions and with wrong people when we knew exactly that it’s meant to be doomed? How can we live thinking that we might missed our chance and we’re the ones who let things slip away? How can we still love when there’s this so much complications?

If things are meant to end then why do we keep on choosing to live in constant fear that tomorrow we might feel differently? Or worse they will? Why do we find genuine happiness in other people when they say you can never love anyone when you don’t love yourself?

They say love is never enough but there’ll always be that person or something that will make you feel that it’s all you ever need. How it is that there’s a point in your life that you’ll say yes to every question? There’ll be a day like that and it’s going to be the day that you learned to love.

It’s my bag and I, I’d say. But it’s hard when it gets me sometimes.

Maybe we ask these questions but we know the answers all along. Things are going to end. Nothing’s gonna last forever. But if that means being genuinely happy for a limited amount of time, I’ll take it anyway. Because of all the harshness and heartbrokenness that comes with the ones we love, a perfect day is worth it. To love is worth it. It doesn’t even have to last a lifetime.

They say love is never enough, but in the end you have to choose your happiness, it might be a person or a thing you love– whatever it is, choose it. Love may never be enough but it’s the gateway to real happiness. It doesn’t matter if it won’t be long because even a day is better than never.

I don’t know much about it but I hope there’ll be a day like that for you.




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