Old Skool Saturday: Episode 1

So this is my first ever Old Skool Saturday entry. I just have nothing to post about yet (but I’m high on a writing spree!) so I think doing a weekly post about anything throwback will help me get back on track with my writing.

I came up with the throwbacks because my friends and I have been in a series of way back Saturdays for the past few weeks. As in, in a span of almost a month we’ve been tackling about TLC to Seconhand Serenade, from Camille Pratts to Paolo Contis, so I thought why shouldn’t I blog about them?

So from the really embarrassing shit that comes with our own I-liked-that-shit? to Holy-shit-I-still-know-the-words-by-heart, here goes my entry for my Old Skool Saturday this week.

Sheryl Crow’s The First Cut Is The Deepest (2004)

I know, right? So fucking gay! Lelz. But seriously, I love this song. I don’t know when’s the first time I heard this because I was so young. Was I like 9 or 10? I don’t have much memory about this song. All I know is I know this song. If that makes sense.

But it was just weeks ago since the first time I heard this in a while. I’m talking years here. I was watching One Tree Hill. It was the scene with Nathan and Tutor Girl inside the cafe where Sheryl Crow performed for her because she wouldn’t be able to go to her concert or something. It was the ending of that episode, I think. Sobrang magical when I heard the intro. I didn’t know it’s this song but it felt so familiar tapos before Sheryl Crow even sang the first line I was like: I WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU ALL OF MY HEARTTT. Tapos I was singing the whole song all day long! And just like that it came rushing back to my playlist.

Ang TV The Movie: The Adarna Adventures (1996)

If you haven’t seen this movie (and wanted to be a part of it) as a child, then your childhood is just sad. I still fucking want to be a part of this adventure! I wanna be friends with the Adarna, Prinsepe Juan and even fucking Lolo Minyo. Anyway, that’s the full movie.

So weeks ago I do this thing I do regularly when I just feel like hoarding through full local movies in YouTube. Amidst of all the Rater R movies, I finally saw Ibong Adarna! It’s like walking in the middle of a desert and finding a glass of cold water out of nowhere. I’ve been harming my old computer with so much virus for downloading movies like such in fake websites!

I saw this again with my friends and we fucking know every song. Sobrang saya talaga! Parang bago, parang bago ang pakiramdam ko!

Come on, don’t be a cool little shit. I know you know the lyrics to this song!

The All-American Rejects’ Swing Swing, 2004

When you say the early 2000’s, you’re legit if you know this song. It’s like the song that strengthened our love for Punk Rock. Lelz. It’s one of those songs that you’ll never be ashamed of loving no matter how mainstream it got! Punk Rock forever! Because we’re so cool like that. (I don’t even know if that’s a legit genre.)


Sooo, there, that’s all for this week’s Old Skool Saturday. In fairrr, I had fun writing this. I gotta get back to life and experience new shit.



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