How to Attend a Wedding When You’re *~heartbroken~*?: A Guidepost and Kwento Konti

I’ve been idling people for months now. I didn’t know how to celebrate happiness or even to endure sadness. I felt like floating, like a ghost with recurring feelings whenever I hear certain songs. Sometimes I’d be cold and hard as a rock under the moon at three in the morning. Sometimes I even forced … More How to Attend a Wedding When You’re *~heartbroken~*?: A Guidepost and Kwento Konti

Coyness is nice

My favorite song lately is Ask by The Smiths. It´s like what they say to LANY´s ILYSB stripped version. If there´s someone that pops up to your head while listening to this song, then you´re in deep. It was so mainstream and it deserves all the attention it´s getting. As much as I think of … More Coyness is nice

Sober Up

I sometimes feel like at least twelve people made me their horcrux. I sometimes feel like there are just far too many souls inside me. I don’t even know which one is mine or if I really do have one of my own. I like so many things that it’s confusing. I do not know … More Sober Up

Early Exit

I hope things would go well for everyone. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to handle it if there’s something bad to happen right now. I’m too worn out. I just feel like I couldn’t tell stuff to anyone because when you started telling people, that’s when things become true. I don’t want it … More Early Exit

Summer Rain

Call me psycho but it’s been alarmingly calm lately. Not that I want things to get shitty ha, I mean, it’s me, the fucked-up-shit magnet. I’m not complaining though, because I like things as it is. I don’t wish for too much, I can be contented with just-fine stuff. If you were to ask me, … More Summer Rain